What If?

What if?

Have you ever considered the “what if’s” of life? Most likely you have. We all have. What is life like on the other side of “what if”? Have you allowed yourself to mentally take a leap to the other side and just imagine what it could look and feel like? If you have, what happened after that? Were you inspired, motivated, challenged, confused, depressed?

I love and live by the motto “be the change you want to see in the world.” In order to live on the other side of “what if” you must put yourself there. You must align what you are doing now (your actions) and how you interact with others, with respect to the changes you want to see. You cannot achieve the other side by being a spectator, reading, thinking, dreaming or arguing about it. The other side of “what if” requires movement, activity, interaction, choice and application.

Here are some “what if’s” to get you motivated! See if some of these resonate with you:

What if you could speak another language? It could deepen your ability to communicate with others.

What if you could dance? It could encourage others to move, be active. It could increase grace, poise and confidence.

What if you could write? It could help someone change their perspective or learn something new.

What if you were more loving? More love could come back to you. Everything feels better with love.

What if you didn’t react? You could prevent a situation from escalating.

What if you let “it” go? You could be free from carrying the weight of burden, regret or disappointment.

What if you didn’t let go? You could overcome the challenge or adversity. You could survive!

What if you took a 30-day break from Facebook? You could see more in front of you. Fewer distractions.

What if you hand-wrote a note to someone you cared about? You could leave a lasting impression of joy.

What if you stopped to help someone in need? You could make all the difference in a moment or a lifetime.

What if you ran for office? You could affect real change and bring attention to things that matter most.

What if you forgave someone? You could lift the burden of anger or hurt and restore a relationship.

What if you stopped procrastinating? You could feel accomplishment. You could get something done.

What if you did nothing? You could observe what is happening around you. You could restore balance. You could see the value of just being. You could see that life will flow anyway.

What if you went to another country? You could see how others live. You could learn new customs.

What if you got laid off? You could be free to redesign the life you want—and start living it!

What if you could see there was another way? Would you be open to it? Really open?

What if you are doing exactly what you’re supposed to be doing? You could do it more fully!

What if you didn’t have that thought? You wouldn’t think about it. At all. It would not have the power to hold you back.

What if you did nothing? You could see the effect this has and appreciate the power of doing something.

What if you never said “yes”? Think of one thing that would be different in your life if you had not said “yes”!

Choice is yours. Options are available. Possibilities truly are limitless when you allow your mind to expand. When you allow yourself to visit the other side of “what if,” you will find the life it holds. If you are closed to this, you will stay where you are—mentally, physically, spiritually, emotionally. Increase your capacity to live more fully by exploring the other side of “what if”! Think of the smiles, images, thoughts and satisfaction you will gain.

“The first rule of holes: When you are in one, stop digging.” — Molly Ivins