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The Benefits of Massage

If you are initially skeptical or shy under the skilled hands of an expert massage therapist, you will soon delight as the tightness begins to flow out of you, and the safe, warm, inviting atmosphere envelopes you. The firm, gentle strokes help your muscles release accumulated tension.

Your neck softens and your shoulders fall. Your spine unwinds and lengthens, and limbs become loose and freeas new energy flows through them. You feel good all over — gloriously relaxed and invigorated.

The only disappointment is that it is over. However, floating out of the room — all aglow — you realize everyone in this world deserves a good massage and you vow to return!

Massage reduces stress and fatigue and also imparts other healing benefits. It reduces congestion and improves circulation, increasing oxygen and nutrient supplies to muscles, joints, organs and the brain.

It calms the nerves and stimulates elimination of metabolic waste, often speeding recovery from illness and injuries. Massage also reduces pain due to spasm, inflammation and tissue damage.

After a massage you feel better and look better — the results are generally seen in improved posture, skin tone and energy levels.


All single specialty, hot stone and four-handed hot oil massages come with your choice of:

  • Steamed towels
  • Deep heat hydrotherapy
  • Foot soak
  • Hot stone foot and hand-warming
  • Aromatherapy.

Custom Massage Therapy

30 min -   $59
60 min -   $94
90 min -   $124
120 min - $180

Hot Stone Massage

Melt your cares away with hot basalt lava stones and Swedish massage techniques. Stones are strategically placed on muscle groups for maximum benefits and stress reduction. Additional hot stones are used to massage the skin and release toxins, waste and tissue congestion while stimulating the cells and circulation. Experience what ancient cultures have known for centuries about the healing nature of hot stones.

30 min - $80
60 min - $118
90 min - $145

Four-Handed Hot Oil Massage

This one is not quickly forgotten. Begin with a warm foot cleansing. Then, four skilled hands massage you like ten thousand waves, followed by our Herbal Steam Towel Infusion. This will leave you supremely relaxed.

60 min - $180


Massage for Couples

coupleCouples Massage

Same room 60 minute massage for two.

60 minutes - $210

Couples Deluxe

Includes: 60 Minute Massage, followed by time in the Luxe Room with warm mint foot soak, foot scrub, refreshments, and sparkling (non-alcoholic) bubbly.
Approximately 1-1/2 hours.

Approximately 90 minutes - $255

Couples Supreme


Includes all services in the Couples Deluxe PLUS a Baby Back Smoothie for two!
Approximately 2 hours

Approximately 2 hours - $299

Are you ready to be pampered?

Not quite sure which is right for you?

Why not visit our contact page, we would love to chat with you!