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Moments to Measure

Happy New Day!

Jennifer in the Nurture Nook Hallway

Did you know that you can begin to change or transform at any moment?

It is when you decide to create change that it can begin.

I have recently been fascinated with “measurements” of individuals goals, achievements and pursuits. It is inspiring to see the simple first steps, followed by the dedication and commitment, through the challenges/obstacles, to the glorious culmination of the “final measurement” of those actions.

When thinking about what I accomplished in 2014 — what was important to me — I began to add up the hours, money, and thought that went into the various endeavors. It adds UP! (look for more sharing of those stats in another post) As I thought about what I wanted to “measure” for 2015, I reviewed the meaning of the word. Of several meanings these are the ones that resonated with me:


~ an indication or means of assessing the degree, extent, quality, character, nature or abilities of someone or something.

~ the rhythm of a piece of poetry or music

~ a plan or course of action to achieve a particular purpose

I look forward to 2015 having the rhythmic feel of good music, the soulful content of thought-provoking poetry, as we touch lives in a positive, uplifting and meaningful way. This will be measured by the hugs we give, the smiles we share, the laughter that rings, and the stories we create in the moment.

I look forward to including you in our Moments to Measure this year.

Breathe deeply and enjoy life!