Steamy Wonder


Steam therapy provides RESULTS!
Relaxed muscle
Reduced swelling
Increased metabolism
Warm, soft hydrated skin
A boost to the immune system
Clear sinuses and reduce congestion
Flushed, youthful look that lasts for hours
Loosened fatty tissue and breakdown in cellulite
Improved absorption of nutrients from topical treatments


Experience the healing power of steam.

Steamy Wonder treatments create a virtual steam room on the massage table.  A canopy is placed over you, keeping your head outside, and steam is generated up to 125 degrees within the canopy.

Steam Express

Ease your stress and relax muscle tissue before any massage or facial with this treatment of steam.

Allow 20 minutes
Club SPA Rate: $35.70 (Regular: $42)


Great for detoxifying the body and restoring skin tone and texture. Includes skin brushing to stimulate circulation and remove dead skin. We infuse essential oils to invigorate and release toxins. A gentle massage for the shoulders, neck, face and scalp.

Allow 35 minutes.
Club SPA Rate: $51.00 (Regular: $60)

Breath Easy

Experience sinus and congestion relief. Enjoy this virtual steam bath with our breathe easy blend of essential oils. Rest easy with a sinus
pressure point massage.

Allow 30 minutes
Club SPA Rate:  $51.00 (Regular: $60)

Honey Hydration

Your body receives a deep infusion of rich nutrients from New Zealand's Manuka Honey. After a dry exfoliation, we coat your body in the popular moisture producing honey, and add a deep steam treatment to intensify the application. A warm towel removal follows along with a light massage of our sinfully rich moisture cream. Transform dull, lifeless skin into soft, silky, and supple splendor.

Allow 60 minutes.
Club SPA Rate: $86.70 (Regular: $102)

Clay & Soy Cellulite Melt

Stimulate circulation in stagnant cellulite areas and detoxify the physiology to remove impurities, all while creating a sense of well being. Start with a skin exfoliating body polish, followed by a contour cream to increase circulation. Next is our Clay & Soy Body Masque that draws out impurities and an herbal infused steam treatment to further release the accumulated toxins.

Allow 1 hour 15 minutes.
Club SPA Rate: $127.50 (Regular: $150)

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