About the Owner


Owning her own business is a dream come true for Jennifer Durand,
Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT), and skin care specialist
— especially after she discovered that, through massage therapy, she
could bring comfort and relief from the stress and tension of daily life
to those in need. After intense training in in an accredited Tennessee
massage therapy school, Jennifer received state licensing, and then
opened The Nurture Nook.

Located in a charming, renovated turn-of-the-century house a few blocks
from historic downtown Murfreesboro, Tennessee, The Nurture Nook
is a charming place. Its decor provides a tranquil and relaxing atmosphere
graced with fireplaces, tall ceilings, and natural woodwork — all blending
harmoniously — setting the stage for an inviting, personal experience filled
with nurture and care, and given by professional, licensed, staff members.